Improved Drawing: Belle and Aura

Rachel's before drawing:
Rachel's after drawing: Hey again guys! Today I did a redraw of my previous drawing. The trio is down to two, so let's just pretend the bear girl never existed 😅 Have I improved? Do you guys like this drawing better? I am still working on my drawing technique, but I am not sure if the absence of pupils are creepy ... Anyway, here are their new bios if you are curious.Belle:Likes: Pastel colors, books, snacks
Dislikes: Bitter foods, scary movies, fighting
Hobbies: Writing, reading
Personality: Practical, shy
Belle is a tween (she is 11 years old)and she is a humanoid rabbit. Belle has always been lonely until she met a new friend . . . except her friend is a fox. Who knew? She loves to read and hides little snacks in between the pages for a reward.Aura:Likes: Roller coasters, spicy food, running long distances
Dislikes: Sweet foods, sitting, doing homework (don't we all share a trait with her?)
Hobbies: Running/track
Personality: Extrovert, does things…

TwoSetViolin "Fanart"

So recently I have been watching a lot of TwoSetViolin on YouTube lately and I was "inspired" to draw this. It's a picture of myself before and after watching TwoSetViolin. In their channel, they post a LOT of videos and one kind of video they post is "you flinch you lose." Sometimes in those videos, people destroy and/or damage a violin. Obviously this is myself before reacting if someone was about to wreck a violin and this is myself after watching TwoSetViolin. Check out their channel, it's hilarious!!! Even though I don't play the violin (I am a pianist) this channel continues to make me laugh and practice my piano way more. (Sorry to friends who can't watch YouTube :P)

Peace on Earth! Pretty Please?

Ahhhh. I know everything is a little tough right now, right? We need a little peace once in a while. I think national peace day is September 21st, so we have one more month until 24 hours of calm. I wanted to draw something totally zen so I drew a girl holding a dove. If you want me to make her into an OC, please let me know!

Virtual Life

Ahhh...what a day I had yesterday. It was a little like this:A girl starts spilling in the chat to another boy: Do I know you? We were in the same class last year! Yeah, yeah! don’t remember me?Another innocent child trying to complete her work (me obviously) says: Can you quiet? This isn’t the time to talk...The girl: Rachel it is ALWAYS THE TIMERachel: Uhmmmm...ok??The girl: Also Rachel, you are too unfun for MY taste. You need to stop being boring, it’s bad for your healthRachel (in head): ....This kid doesn’t even know me....I just wanna get my work that a problem??Rachel: Thanks for your advice The girl: Your welcome also if you want my autograph you can have it since I’m so awesome I knowI am NOT joking about the last part! What would you respond in this virtual heat of action? Yeah...sadly, I can’t say her name because of blog rules. Anyway, if you guys are doing virtual zoom/Microsoft teams meetings, watch out for jerks in the chat. Be careful w…

Autumn and Summer (Again)

Pick your choice: Be the one with the bad grade while your friend is glowing in +A's or be the one who can brag about your grade? I am pretty sure everyone would pick option two, and I have to agree. This is another picture of Summer and Autumn. Not my best, but I am playing with my friend (she's supposed to be Autumn) tomorrow so I wanted to draw something. Also, it was art class and I was bored ^^;


Oh my goodness!!! I have officially already passed 1K views in my blog :D! Thank you so much to Claire, Lydia, Leo, and Alex. These are the friends that checked out my blog and supported me ^u^ Also, thank you to Rebecca, you also supported me from the very first post. And also, thank you to ALL of you out there, I am grateful for each one of you and I just want to thank you all for these views!

OC/Friend: Dan

I had some extra time today to work on Prince Dan.Likes: New York Yankees, baseballDislikes: Losing, a weak challengeHobbies: Playing baseball, playing pianoPersonality: ConfidentPrince Dan is a very confident price. He likes winning and likes a challenge. He is mostly found either doing something sporty or musical. Hey guys! I know some of you guys are SUPER sporty serious people, and I understand that. Honestly, I am not much of a sports person, but Dan likes the Yankees and all that stuff so I had to be accurate. Whatever time you are viewing this, have a great day ^u^

Lab Rule: Do NOT Eat Food or Drinks

So today I was working on lab rules for science class and immediately though of my friend Dan when it said "No food or drinks." Dan does not read this blog, so if you know him, keep a secret! Do any of you have those friends who like to snack in class? I know I do! Anyway, here is what is wrong and right in science.

OCs: Autumn and Summer

Hello again peeps! I will be doing my next "friend royalty" next week. For now, here is a picture I made today! It is a picture of my two new OCs. This is Summer and Autumn, the twins. I actually based this drawing off of me and my friend playing Royal High. We made ourselves "twins" and made descriptions so half the credit goes to her.Summer-Likes: Fashion, snacks (especially cookies)
Dislikes: Uncomfortable clothes
Hobbies: Fashion designing
Summer likes to wear fancy clothes and tell her sister what to wear. Summer LOVES to eat snacks, and even eats a sample of every snack at the ball. Because of this, Summer gets a lecture from her sister, but Summer still sneaks a snack or two at night.

Likes: Books, libraries
Dislikes: Getting less than an A in her class
Hobbies: Reading, writing
Autumn loves to stay in the library and wear sweaters, regardless of what her sister tells her. She also likes to read secretly late at night, without her sister knowing.

OC/Friend: Leo

This is Prince Leo, another awesome friend of mine. (he is a follower on the blog too)Likes: Playing video games, reading
Dislikes: Telling his friends to calm down for the millionth time
Hobbies: Reading, playing video games
Personality: Chill
Prince Leo is a very good tempered prince. He doesn't get mad easily, and he is always the one who solves his friend's fights. He can read SUPER fast when he wants to and he likes playing on the Nintendo Switch (as you can tell). After Leo, we have one more friend to go!

OC/Friend: Claire

This is another friend of mine :DLikes: Inventing things, dolphins
Dislikes: Scary movies/books, brussel sprouts
Hobbies: Playing violin, ballet, tinkering
Personality: Joyful
Princess Claire is a very youthful princess. She loves to invent things and practices the violin. She is very creative and tinkers in her free time.

OC/Friend: Alex

This is Princess Alexandria. (IRL she is Alex)
Likes: Playing ball, going outside
Dislikes: Girly things
Hobbies: Playing soccer
Personality: Energetic!
Princess Alexandria is also a tween and she LOVES to play outside of the castle. She is very social, and often invites her friends, not for tea, but to play soccer. She doesn't like to be treated like a girly-girl, so don't expect her to wear pink frilly dresses everyday ;)

OC/Friend: Lydia

Hello again peeps! I am drawing all of my friends in "royalty" this week. This is "princess" Lydia.Likes: Reading, baking
Dislikes: Friends being stupid, windy days
Hobbies: Baking, reading on the window ledge of the castle
Personality: Shy
Princess Lydia is 11 (pretty young to be a princess), and you can often find her reading on the window ledge of her chambers. Even though Lydia doesn't like to be around others, she has five other friends (also in royalty). You will meet them this week.

OC: Trisness

This is Trisness, the water fairy. Trisness is enrolled in the fairy squad, where fairies train and gain powers to fight the evils that lurk near the castle. Because of her hard work, Trisness has new water powers!

OC: Zora

Likes: Skateboards, going outside
Dislikes: Being cooped up, country related landscape
Hobbies: Skateboarding
Personality: Daring
Zora is 13 years old. She loves to go to the park every morning on her skateboard and she also loves to eat pocky sticks on the way. Yum!

OC: "Steampunk" Sophie

Likes: Airplanes, chocolate chip cookies
Dislikes: Splinters, hair never in a ponytail
Hobbies: Building small airplanes, reading on pilots
Personality: Determined This is Sophia, better known as Steampunk Sophie. She is 12 years old. Sophie always has a tool belt on her waist and an airplane in her hand. She is obsessed with building airplanes and wants to be a pilot one day.

OC: Amanda

Likes: Calmness, very high converse shoes
Dislikes: Disturbance in the "force," small shoes
Hobbies: Meditating
Personality: Peaceful, patient
Amanda is 11 years old. She always has a piece of wisdom to give to someone, and she also likes helping people calm down. When Amanda meditates, she ignores everything in her surroundings and goes into a little bubble of tranquility. Because of Amanda's peculiar fashion sense (meditating robes and tall converse???), Caroline likes to take pictures and start a new trend. In fact, Caroline gives some fashion advice to Amanda now and then.

OC: Meg

Likes: Pie, stars, reflective sunglasses
Dislikes: Hot weather, lizards
Hobbies: Stargazing, baking desserts
Personality: A mystery...
Meg is 13 years old. She is always wearing the same pair of glasses, even at night. No one really knows who she is, and she acts very peculiar. However, no matter how mysterious she is, everyone loves Meg's pies.

OC: Caroline

Likes: Painting, vintage clothes
Dislikes: Electronics, little bugs
Hobbies: Taking pictures, drawing clothes
Personality: Spunky, creative
Caroline is 12 years old. She loves to take pictures of everything, from people to landscapes.